Apart from offering high quality components and sourcing suitable products based on an understanding of client requirements, MMAASMEDIA also has the capacity to offer customized installations and consultation. We will work with you to determine your requirements for media integration through audio/video and complimentary systems. We will reconcile that with budget concerns, and examine interior space to find the optimum configuration for the best listening experience. We also custom build Home Theater Personal Computers (HTPC) to integrate and accommodate all your media.  By the use of HTPC's you can store and share around your home Videos, music, TV broadcast, photos and much more.  Then we will integrate those HTPCs with your Audio/Video systems and your entire network at your household. You can also access the internet, work on your emails and do your word processing from your couch. You can even Skype!  No need for smart TV's.  You will get your You Tube videos played back in HD audio and video through your home theater processor/amplifier and loud speakers.  Just choose the combination that suits your liking from our brands and we'll integrate it for you.

For hospitality providers, home automation companies and interior designers, MMAASMEDIA will also offer superb quality bespoke installations that meet and even exceed specifications for home and professional use.

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