KR Audio Electronics sro located in Prauge, Czech Republic is a manufacturer of hand-crafted, high quality tubes (all glass is hand blown) and audio equipment. 

The company began the research to make improved triodes in 1992 and started its life as a tube manufacturer, first with the historic Marconi valve reproduction and then tubes for audio as an OEM up-grade option in hi-end audio amplifiers in 1994. The success of their products is a direct result of the comparison between the hand-made KR tube and the mass produced tube made on 60+ year old tube machinery. 

Given the unique technology they have developed, KR was able to satisfy the marketing demand for a better 2 channel stereo for home listening. It has been said that nothing comes closer to live music than their sound reproduction. A KR amplifier in the existing sound system or the application of a KR tube gives the listener increased dynamics, greater detail from the recording, be it vinyl or CD, and an almost tangible imaging. 

At present, they design and build 15 different tube amplifier models for all tastes in Hi-Fi including two completely solid state sets. KR continues to manufacture tubes and is the inventor of the Kronzilla, the KR T-1610 tube the largest and most powerful audio tube ever made, but also as industrial designers can make any audio output device. 

The tube division currently makes 12 models to cover most audio requirements for improved sound be it a normal up-grade or an innovative design.

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