Contrast Audio's products are entirely hand-made - construction, assembly and high-quality piano lacquer finish. All used materials are natural - paper membrane, paper reel, silk suspension, wooden phaseplugs, silk tweeter...

Contrast Audio is a company from Kiev, Ukraine. Manufacturing its own highly linear drivers and speaker systems of the highest sound quality. That outstanding sound quality is created by use of Contrast's special design, based on a minimalistic filtration system (first order filter) with minimal signal distortion.

Colors may be selected on an individual basis, giving everyone the flexibility to match the color of their own Contrast speakers to their home environment and other HiFi components.

Available models from One AS3, Black Moon, Monitor, Solo to the magnificent Vivaldi 

A customer testimonial:

"Over the last twenty years I have owned numerous speakers in the $1,000 to 2,000 range. My current system is a modest one and consist of a LM Audio 218 mini 3 wpc tube integrated and Virtue Audio CDP in a 12x12 room with Michael Green corner tunes. I am using Clear Day cable. I decided to take a chance on the Contrast Audio monitor speakers from the Ukraine. They are by far the best speaker I have owned or heard. More of a direct drive approach that sounds so real it is scary. The information that your hear through the tweeter is the best I have heard. Easy to drive and set up. Your hear the layers and texture of the music. I have never heard a speaker handle cymbals like these.

I see no reason to ever change them. Mine are in the gloss red as seen on the Agon ad. The build quality is also one of the best.I can say these speakers definitely improved my system and I would assume do very well with improvements going forward."

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