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Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., LTD has been established since 1993 under the investment of AVIC INTERNATIONAL ZHUHAI CO., LTD for designing and manufacturing professional HI-FI audio equipments. We are devoted to design and research of hi-end level of audio equipments under our own brandname Cayin with our intellectual property rights. We are striving to build classical extrodinary audio equipments with cultural connotation and propel national audio brands worldwide and pace up with the rest of the world. With the development of more than ten years, Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., LTD has become one of the most well-known audio enterprises in Chinese audio industry and its brand Cayin has also become one of the most famous audio brands in China. Our products with its highest quality have been exported to more than 20 countries locating in Europe, North America, Asia, etc, which are very popular all over the world and have been awarded many times as "Most Popular Product". With a production and research foundation of more than 12,000 square meters we own a professional experienced research and development team and a high efficient management team. Today Spark aims to build CAYIN as one of the most world famous audio brand and it has become the development goal of our company. "Develop and reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes" We are following our oath and working hard to build CAYIN the world famous audio brand.

Cayin is one of the world's leading brands that manufacture warm vacuum tube amplifiers and other components like tube based CD players.  The range of amplifiers uses different tubes like the EL34, KT88, the 300B and the 845.  The amplifiers come in different configurations from integrated stereo amplifiers to mono blocks with pre-amplifiers.  The product line also includes hybrid and fully solid state high end systems.  Cayin has lately introduced portable amplifiers for headphones that provide the same warm sound and based on the Wolfson DAC, the C6.  The MM-5 is great mini HiFi system that is also based on vacuum tubes and comes with a built in DAC, a CD player and mini loudspeakers.  WiFi speakers, the A6, are a new addition to the line of products from Cayin that can be accessed from any wireless device and act in active more, or you can simply connect them to your HiFi system as passive speakers.

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